Both the ABO and NCLE Advanced Exams will be offered at all exam sites during the exam dates listed for the basic exams.

ABO-NCLE Advanced Certification Programs

In the rapidly changing field of vision care, more and more knowledge and skills are required of practitioners. ABO and NCLE Advanced Certifications focus specifically on the advanced level knowledge and skills needed for ophthalmic dispensing, that is providing spectacle, contact lens, and refraction services. 

The Advanced Certification designations, ABOC-AC and NCLE-AC, are earned only after a practitioner has attained several years experience, completes a prescribed curriculum of advanced education, and achieves a passing score on the rigorous examinations, or are part of a State Licensing Board mandating the passing of the ABO and/or NCLE Advanced Examination(s). Test specifications are posted on this site.

Professionals with advanced certification credential are equipped to work in a variety of practice settings, such as: independent opticians, ophthalmology practices, university hospitals, commercial offices, HMO/managed care offices, optometric offices, large clinics, optical product manufacturers. In short, Advanced Certification equips you in all settings which provide eyeglasses and contact lens services to clients.

How Do I Earn Advanced Certification From ABO-NCLE?

Having earned the basic ABO or NCLE certification, and completed one recertification period (3 years) you are eligible to take the Advanced Examinations.

ABO Masters who are not currently ABO or NCLE certified, may obtain Advanced Certification by reinstatement or renewal of the expired Advanced Certification.  

What Are The Fees For The Advanced Examination?

The registration fee for either the ABO Advanced Exam or the NCLE Advanced Exam is $225.

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