Renewals and Reinstatements

Certification Renewal


All ABO-NCLE certifications are valid for three (3) years. Continuing education credits (CECs) must be earned within the three year (3) certification period and may not be accumulated and carried over from one period to another. All CECs and renewal fees are due on or before your expiration date.  There is no "grace period" or ability to renew subsequent to your expiration.  After expiration, Certificants will have to comply with the Reinstatement Requirements.

Please click here to learn more about your certification renewal.


Certification Reinstatement

If you fail to complete the certification renewal requirements by the end of your three year recertification period, you may still be able to reinstate your certification. Please click here for more information on how to reinstate your certification.

General Charge Form

Please click here to download the ABO & NCLE charge form.